Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday Night Dance Party - Praha 5

Ah yes, Friday night in Prague. The group and I are heading onto the metro toward Praha 5 - the Andel stop on the good 'ol yellow line to be exact. We embark on a journey to "Futurum" for some 1980s and early 90s pop music fun. You think you like the 80s? Come to Prague - Scorpions, Foreigner, in concert. 1980s music videos being projected at the very first bar - yes, the first bar - I go to in Prague. Friday night, they bump the daylights out of the tunes AND they play the music videos for all the songs. Though this is called a pub apparently with a dance floor, this is more like a club with a small pub room on the side. And boy was I more than happen to just cut a rug. The music selection - ah yes, I get to listen to "Bad", "Do You Remember the Time", "Ice, Ice Baby", "Can't Touch This", famous "Grease" songs, "Smells Like Teen Spirit", and yes....the epic moment of the night for me - "Gangsta's Paradise." Holy crap, when that came on I was loving life. I know, the song was played out. I realize Michelle Pfeifer was in the movie and it was hokey. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I love the song. I sang every damn word and danced to it and for more unintentional comedic moments I flashed up some West Coast signs on not one, but both hands. In Prague, District 5...this happened Friday night. Not that I love most of the music (though Coolio, U2, and Michael were epic for sure), but the sheer love that the locals have for this stuff just made me pump my fist so many freakin' times. We were at this place for about 4 hours. And if it were not for being in a pretty big group that was unsure of how to get back to where we were staying, I would have stayed 'till 4 minimum. The beer was cheap (25kc...or $1.35 per pint), tasty, the group of folks I was with from my program were fantastic as always, and the ladies of Prague....DY-NO-MITE. The dudes can't dance for sure, and most girls do not dance a ton better I must say. And this is no assessment of my dance moves at all for they are most likely awkward and filled with the white-man syndrome equating to no rhythm. But the ladies just have a unique look, and it is one that I enjoy very much. Even if it is just browsing, it is delightful indeed. Can I have a night like this again where I can relish in some awesome dancing to pop music? Absolutely. My next dance endeavor, to find the hip-hop club where they play Bay Area cuts from the likes of 4-tay, the Luniz, and Too Short. I think if I heard "Gettin' It" in Prague, I'd be complete. I don't know what can top that, but I'm sure I'll find out something more over the top soon enough.

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