Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nerves Gradually Unleashing - Prague time of Departure is 5 days.

My how close the departure date is coming. Five days. Writing those first two sentences makes me feel a bit more relaxed already. It is just insane how after all this time waiting and now it is smack in my face - only five more days until this new journey begins. I do not know what will unfold. I am currently in the most ambiguous stage of my life, unsure as to what the future holds and slowly accepting the circumstances.

Though goals change frequently, at this stage I figure I will need two years in Europe perhaps to get my fill. First of course I need to attain a job in Prague or another European city to help fulfill such aspirations. Ultimately, however, it is about taking one step at a time. "What About Bob" baby-steps as Dr. Marvin would say. First, get to Prague. Lay my bags down, sleep it off perhaps. Pray that I have a good roommate during my course. Expect the unexpected - literally. Absorb the coursework as much as possible. Make new friends, even if it is just one person. Play basketball, find a gym to play. Absorb the culture, meet locals. Immediately start inquiring about and seeking work to sustain my desire to stay longer than my 90-day tourist visa. Fight through work permit hassle/hell. Think methodically, stay even keel. It may be difficult to attain given the newness of the situation, but never forget that what does not kill you makes you stronger. I firmly believe it to be true. And always take responsibility for your own actions, be your own personal leader, and keep your humility.

The words above are what has been floating in my head the last 45 minutes. Anxious about the unknown already. Let the adventure unfold.

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