Monday, January 11, 2010

Prague (or London actually) - Day 1

Well I don't even know where to start. Do I explain the flight from SFO to London, where I got a little dusty after hugging my dad knowing I was getting on a plane without knowledge as to when I'd be back in the good 'ol USA? Luckily my dustiness subsided and I was engulfed with excitement upon walking through you know what song rang through my dome after my borderline full cavity search? Domino baby, "Getto Jam." ( ) Please watch the clip, "Here we go, here we go..." That part of the song was ringing in my head and I had that strut where I felt so fucking good about heading out and venturing to Europe. Perhaps a bit unusual, but this is what I planned on doing - head to Prague and see where the road takes me, so "here we go here we go."

But knowing there was a 2 1/2 hour delay, I chilled out for awhile and starting reading "The Book of Basketball," which Nick Homyak so kindly provided as a gift upon my departure. I had a Greek family sitting across from me who were heading to Athens via Heathrow London. The son Orpheus was a real cool guy and we started talking about San Francisco and Napa/Sonoma. His curiosity about SF made me feel blessed to have lived in such a great place as long as I had, knowing full well how so many people appreciate its beauty, the romantic elements, and sheer weather heaven.

And then of course there was the 10+ hour flight. It was a smooth ride, chillin' with the retired Jennifer to my right and Nick from the U.S. Navy to my left, who resided from Concord. Jennifer and I loved talking about the weather, Churchill, the need to stretch our legs, the economy, American tourist sites in California, New York, and the Carolinas, and of course Europe and the journey I am on. My man Nick from the Navy is based in Rome, and both of us became victims of flight cancellations in Heathrow. Nick, heading to Rome, and myself of course going to Prague, we joined each other through the epic long lines of Heathrow to re-book our flights in departures Zone E followed by Zone G. Zone G? Hotel reservations of course. Nick was a cool dude, kind of reserved but very friendly and we tagged along until we went to our respective hotel buses. Good talks about European cities to visit since he'd been to 15 countries, American football chat. Good water cooler talk. And I enjoy that for sure. And in the Zone G line is where Cathy came into play. Don't worry, no funny business...I did think about it though. I CAN'T LIE (Homyak knows this bold quote and who it comes from)!!! And we happened to stay at the same hotel...and dammit she was one friendly, woman (yes, she was 35) next door type gal from Calgary that put the k in kindness and the s in sweet. And she had a sweet, wholesome face and great hair. We both had things to take care of before the next day unfortunately, so no date.

What did I have to take care of? Well first, letting mom know I was alive because Sue would get anxious if she did not know her boy was safe and sound. You only have one mom in this world, and I am going to make damn sure I don't make her too nervous unless I can't avoid it. The TEFL people in Prague who set up a pickup at the airport? Yeah, that flight got cancelled and will be rescheduled for 7:05 the next morning. Thus, gotta let the Czech posse know the deal. Then of course, the unexpected of having TWO...yes two credit cards blocked due to "high security activity" because I tried to purchase Skype credits on a Holiday Inn network. Fucking A, it only cost me $65 in collect calls (two credit cards and the Prague folks) based on bank statement appearances because my phone line did not dial out for international call and the understaffed dudes at the Holiday Inn decided to not pick up my calls to assist in calling out for me (at my expense though of course). So many people had to check in due to flight cancellations and the understaffed folks could not pick up calls. Londoners are not prepared for snow, which may seem weird, but let me tell you....they say talking smack to the home team's fans "would not fly in Philly" if it were done in Philly. And this so called hazardous weather would not cancel flights in O'Hare. Come on London!!! Get your shit together man!!!

I'll provide more goods later, including the morning flight, Prague's airport (weird place), and the arrival in Prague. Just think of it as Rocky, Tony, and Pauly arriving to Russia in Rocky 4.

And I am serious, this is the first thing I thought when I landed on the ground. More details later. Peace out folks.

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